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The Twilight Saga Week
 ↳ Best of: Charlie Swan

What I want?

Is what I’ve always wanted… POWER (x)

Peter Hale meme → favourite outfit
↳ "Ow! Don’t you have any anesthetic?"


Ewan McGregor by Peter Ash Lee

Peter Hale meme → favourite outfit
[rock music starts playing]

[ Pernicious delirium ]


  Tired. He felt exhausted; though his limbs kept kicking, struggling with something he never though he’d endure—the fighting to be in control of his own body. His fingers twitched as he groaned in pain; breath condensed in mistakes as his back arched in a type of retaliation; his mouth was ingesting a dense cloud which inhaled every inch of him, dramatically entering through each pore which carpeted his flesh. 

                                                                                                I n n o c e n t,   l i t t l e   t h i n g.
   Y o u ’ r e   p e r f e c t    f o r   t h e   j o b.

  A powerful being, a dark voice whispered; one who still doesn’t know the potential he has. I can exploit him, squeeze him until all of the juice comes out. 

                                  I  w i l l  become  h i m.
                                                                       N o,
                                                                           h e  will become  m e.

  Alex acknowledged what was happening for the first minutes; an abrupt darkness engulfing him without having a proper time to react, drowning him into waves that seemed almost abysmal, staggering him in a maneuver which didn’t allow him to use his voice, nor the abilities that were currently positioned on hold, almost as if his whole persona had gone into an infinite pause. Almost deafened ears were capable hear a distant laughter as he sensed an initial desperation within himself; a gargantuan frustration which made him move around as if he was swimming throughout sheets of sand paper; wrists figuratively latched to the ground as his body burned like magma being poured onto each of his walls. 

    The chuckles were almost maniacal. 
    And for a moment, he could swear it was his own throat roaring with them. 

    Slowly, his efforts turned into misses; his soul getting drowned little by little as he tried his best to escape, to reach out for something, someone—but everything seemed utterly distant, a giant vault being pressed upon his chest while a lethal blow threw him towards the inner corners of his own system; his internal structure being wounded, replaced. 

                                                                                                                        Am I  d y i n g?
                                                                   Plenty of thoughts passed through his head.
                                                                   N a m e s. 
                                                                   L o v e d  O n e s.
                                                                   H i m.
                                                        N   O
I promised,
I promised I would be there,
I can’t end like  T H I S. 

  The brain, though deeply enervated, made another attempt to make Alex resurface into the contour of his own skeleton, but failed miserably as his anima was dragged towards unconsciousness with the help of a dark, sharpened claw; sinking him with the heaviest of anchors. 

He was gone.
               Dropped into the coldest, darkest side of desolated oceans. 
                                                                                                      However, his eyes opened.

  “Ugh, trying to fight back for love—” The voice was deeper, and the veins protruding from once vivid flesh were more noticeable; the usual faded green being replaced by an eerie black. “—what a pitiful creature. Don’t worry, I’ll make great use of this body. Unlike you.” He laughed, standing up without a droplet of effort while pallid hands cleaned the dust off the vest Alex decided to wear that afternoon. 

                                               But this  w a s n ’ t  Alex anymore.
                                                   This was someone  e l s e.
                                        Someone  d a r k e r,  someone  e v i l.
                                   The sentimental boy had been  r e p l a c e d.

  The sinister being was now latched onto the creator’s body; Alex being in a comatose state deep inside the chambers of his core. He was needed alive to serve as a vessel, though his soul simply remained dormant. The only thing left of him was a carcass; a body darkness decided to proclaim for its own benefit. 

  It turned paler, with eyes dull and irises injected with jet black instead of the usual rich brown; chapped lips which revealed a malignant smirk after it fully stood up, keeping a flawless balance. This character sucked the color out of Alex’s form; making it seem as if he was sick beyond belief, though that wasn’t far from reality, considering that a beast now operated his complete anatomy. 

  If anything, the only hint of color emanated from the red-colored tie strapped around his neck. 

  “Well—” He cracked his neck and knuckles, stretching in the process. “—let’s get this party started.”

                                                              Alex  o u t,
                                                                Evil  i n.                                                                    



           I won’t let you.

                               You won’t have him.

                                                           He’s mine.

                                                                           All mine.


Static is what invaded the horseman’s senses, blurred and slowed; his fingers gripped at the steely cold floor. Blue hues desperately trying to open but no success was to come from such weary attempts. His breath was in short interns, cold just as much as the floor was as he shifted against it. Curling himself as he tried to sit up, his head pounded and a whine of distress was given; he hadn’t hurt this much in Demri only knows how long. White teeth were bared as a growl bubbled up from his throat, wavering in tone before he forced himself up; arms shaking underneath his form as a heavy breath was drawn from his lungs. Wondering what had occurred only moments ago.

                                      He won’t survive the night.

                                      He’ll be the perfect vessel.

                                               My vessel.


Cynbel murmured weakly as his dim blue hues opened finally after much effort. Crimson dripped from his face and clicked against the steel floor with a small reverberating noise that only keen ears could detect. His mouth felt dry and his words felt weak. Aggravation quickly invaded his form as he lifted up his head. Spotting one of the beings in front of him, a lesser demon of some stature. One that was now a target as memories began to flood his mind, blacked pupils turning into slits. “Alex. Where. Is. Alex.” He growled, tone and voice sounding more feral than it should of been. The demon simply looked at Cynbel as if he weren’t a threat, frowning before giving a flick of his wrist as if to attempt to throw the distressed horseman. To his own surprise it didn’t work, causing a more than just confused expression to pass onto his features. Cynbel didn’t hesitate to get on his feet, flexing his fingers as his claws formed on his fingertips. The simple growth seemed to liven him more, blue hues sparking to a new life, a foreign one that Alex luckily had never had to witness.

Once more a reverberating noise left the horseman’s lungs. “I won’t ask again. Where is Alex Logan?” He questioned, form seeming to tense. The demon gave a tsk before trying his move again, this time with much more force but it did nothing. His black eyes widened slightly. “What the hell are you?” He questioned, though such vibrations of words fell on deaf ears. Strong jaws parted as a roar of fury echoed out of the being’s system, causing the demon to suck in a panicked breath before he saw the much more powerful being charge at him. The demon quickly attempt to draw his weapon but before he knew it the horseman was on top of him, his black orbs staring up at the beast before agonizing pain ripped through his vessel causing a blood curdling scream to leave him. Claws raked against the vessel’s flesh, ripping and tearing muscle and even breaking bones underneath with the furiousity in which he attacked with. The demon’s screams echoed through the warehouse seeming to draw the rest of the remaining demons into the room witnessing as one of the many were slaughtered mercilessly.

Soon though the bloodied gasping screams came to an abrupt halt, nothing left but a literal hallowed shell of the demon’s former self. The being long since ‘exorcised’ as the horseman got to his feet. Seeming to regain his composure. He pulled out a rag from his right fore pocket before beginning to wipe his hand clean of the mess, tentatively cleaning the ring that rested upon his right hand before carelessly putting the rag across his right shoulder; his blue hues looking up, his pupils now a dark blue threatening to turn his eyes completely black. A small almost pleasant smile crossed his features. “Now. I am going to ask this one last time for any of you to answer, and if you choose not to answer I will slaughter each and every last one of you without compassion or mercy.”

                                      "Where is Alex Logan?"

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