Destiny Will Not Shape Us

This isn't a child's fairy tale. These are stories of sacrifice, struggle, and much more. Will you divulge into these stories or will you sit back and watch?

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((Multi-Muse Roleplaying blog for my OCs, I will roleplay with anyone and everyone. Note there will most likely be personal stuff on this blog from time to time- as well as some NSFW-ish content, and adult typed themes in some roleplays. Mun is 18+ so are most of the muses. Be warned.))

Kumari face it Balthazar hates your guts. He never loved you, he never cared, he’s just playing you, so you don’t kill him that’s all it is.

(In response to an ask I got I made this. It was a pain to do but I did it.)

Art, Character, Etc.(c)Okami24532/Jasmin Vangas

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